About Joji

Japanese-Australian comedian and musician George Miller -- who built an audience on the Internet as Filthy Frank and the Lycra-wearing "Harlem Shake"-ing Pink Guy -- is also a serious artist crafting downtempo, moody reflections under the Joji moniker on efforts like In Tongues.
Miller made his debut in 2011 with the absurdist online comedy series The Filthy Frank Show, which garnered him over four million followers and pop culture renown with his viral "Harlem Shake" dance. He rode his ensuing popularity by releasing an album of popular vignettes, the self-titled Pink Guy, in 2014. With a built-in fan base, Pink Guy's 2016 release Pink Season topped download charts and climbed to number 76 on the Billboard 200. In addition to trap rap-influenced tracks, the album also featured downtempo electronic textures reflecting his non-comedic songwriting as Joji. He would spin that trip-hop-inspired songcraft into a full exercise on 2017's In Tongues, a six-song EP of introspective musings and piano-based electronic explorations similar to tracks by Jinsang and eevee. Following the collaborative single "18" with Kris Wu and Rich Brian, Joji issued a deluxe version of In Tongues in early 2018 that expanded the original EP with ten more tracks, including remixes by Lapalux, Ryan Hemsworth, and Actress. The low-key "Yeah Right" followed in May of that year. Several more tracks followed, including "Sanctuary," "Run," and "Gimme Love," both off Joji's sophomore full-length album, 2020's Nectar. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

    Osaka, Japan
  • BORN
    September 18, 1992