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South Africa's John Wizards started as a project in 2010 for bedroom producer John Withers, and influenced by a wide range of music. The vocal duties are by Rwandan Emmanuel Nzaramba, whom Withers met by chance, initially in Cape Town, where the two began to discuss music and planned to work together. Soon after, however, Nzaramba lost his job and mobile telephone, then decided to move from the area, meaning it would prevent the two from staying in contact. In 2012, almost a year since the two had last met, they crossed paths once again, and this time stayed in contact. Withers invited Nzaramba back to his flat to listen to reggae band the Congos, which Nzaramba disliked, but he did like the new tracks Withers had created, and immediately began to write vocal parts. In 2013, the band released their diverse, critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album on Planet Mu and ended the year in many album-of-the-year listings. For live shows, Withers gathered a group of musician friends to rework the music and toured the album internationally. ~ James Pearce

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