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With dry wit and unflinching honesty, singer/songwriter John Grant transforms his perspective as a gay man and his struggles with addiction and relationships into music that spans tender ballads and scathing rants. While his literate songwriting and rich baritone remain constants of his music, his sound evolved over time. His 2010 debut, Queen of Denmark -- which featured contributions from his close friends in the band Midlake -- built on the lush sound of his former band, the alt country-meets-dream pop act the Czars. Later, Grant incorporated more of his enduring love for synth pop and industrial music on albums including 2015's Grey Tickles, Black Pressure and 2021's Boy from Michigan. On every album, his ability to switch from ironic to heartfelt, and from suave to blunt at a moment's notice makes Grant a compellingly one-of-a-kind artist.

    Buchanan, MI
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