Joe Meek

About Joe Meek

Legendary British record producer Joe Meek is as renowned for his pioneering recording techniques and eccentric personality as for the content of the records he made. Meek recorded vocals in his bathroom and percussion in his stairwell, and he swamped his recordings with echo and reverb, lending them an eerie atmosphere and unmistakable sound. After enjoying an international number one with the Tornados' hugely influential instrumental "Telstar," Meek's commercial fortunes declined. With his once futuristic sound made redundant by the all-conquering Merseybeat of the Beatles, Meek slid into depression and paranoia. In 1967, he was involved in a tragic shooting in which he allegedly murdered his landlady before turning the gun on himself.

    Newent, Gloucestershire, England
  • BORN
    April 5, 1929

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