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After a short run at Berklee College of Music and Musicians Institute, where he met "lots of great musicians that gave me better lessons than school," Jody Whitesides worked his way around the country until he settled on Los Angeles as home. In the past he has worked with Talisman and Jeff Scott Soto; then he side-manned with Danny Woods among others. He has produced Throwing Toasters, Seth Horan, and more in his studio. At the same time he began writing his own material and making a name around Los Angeles. He started his solo career with E.A.R. (Energy Audio Revolution) for On Records in 2000. Since then he's released several more CDs (is this considered naked, Initial Spank, A Natural Leap Forward, Practical Insanity). When Whitesides isn't on the road, he also finds time to create music for video games and is the music supervisor for The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, which was nominated for Best Educational Podcast 2005. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

United States of America

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