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Jo Vally is a Flemish pop singer whose popularity as a hitmaker spans decades, from the 1980s into the new millennium. Born Valère Lauwers on October 12, 1958, in Wolvertem, Belgium, he began his music career in the 1970s. He made a Eurovision Song Festival run in 1981 with the song "De Wereld Draait Voor Jou en Mij." He began to score hits with regularity in subsequent years. In 1995 he commemorated his 15-year anniversary of music-making with the compilation 15 Jaar: Zijn Allerbeste. The collection proved popular, reaching the Top Ten of the albums chart, and a couple Top Five albums followed, Zingt Vlaamse Klassiekers (1996) and Zingt Vlaamse Klassiekers, Vol. 2 (1997). While Vally's albums remained popular following the turn of the century, he hit the singles charts less often and less impressively than in years past. One of his most notable latter-day hits is "Si Si Si (Kerida)," which reached number six on the singles chart. Some of his more popular latter-day albums include the Top Ten hits De Kracht Van de Liefde (2000), Zingt Voor Moeder - Omdat Ik Van Je Hou (2003), Mijn Vriendin (2007), and Zijn 50 Allergrootste Hits (2008). ~ Jason Birchmeier

    Wolvertem, Belgium
  • BORN
    October 12, 1958

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