Jim Norton - Top Songs

Robin Williams and Joan Rivers
Anthony Cumia
Paula Deen and Fat Shaming
Workplace Shootings
Goin' to the Gym and Eatin' Better
Creeps on the Elevator
S****y Opinions and Ducks
New Technology
Renting Porn from the Pharmacy
The Blackout of '03
Hot French People
O.C.D. Scumbags
Penile Philosophy & Blackout Humor
Ethnic Pride Drivel
A Tip On Flirting
A Fun Date
Another Dumb, Bumbling Vinny Intro
No Water = Messy Bowl
Bloody Lump On the Linoleum
Alcohol & True Confessions
Relations With the Elderly
Understandable Racism
The 'n' Word
Nervous Tics
Legless Old Lady
Mean-spirited Christopher Reeve Jokes
Gay Snipers
Awful Cosmo Advice
A Shot In the Eye
Boys Don't Cry
Gay Mommies
Television Comedy
Reality TV
Allahu Akbar
Donkey-sex and German Porn
Shamless Yellow Discipline Plug
You Like Sucking That?
Madcap Ideas About Oral Sex
Look to the Rainbow
I Wish I Had a Gun Right Now
A S****y Buggy Ride
A Humiliating Homoerotic Moment
Clowning Around in Dealey Plaza
World's Greatest Ass