Jim Adkins

About Jim Adkins

Born and raised in Central Virginia, Jim Adkins is in no way new to the music business. His interest in the guitar was obvious at a very early age, which his parents encouraged with music lessons. He then went on to study the guitar independently. He started playing and recording professionally with a regional act, "Dream," while he was still in high school. They played concerts and events locally, as well as being featured at "King's Dominion Theme Park." With "Dream," a young Adkins learned and experienced the life of a working musician. They did have a couple of regional hit singles while Adkins was honing his songwriting skills. The band finally disbanded some time ago, but Adkins has continued writing, performing, and playing the guitar. He has been involved in the music business in some capacity to this writing. His writing and playing style has been influenced by a number of guitar greats and renowned songwriters too numerous to list. He has won awards for his songwriting abilities in jazz, instrumental composition and inspirational/gospel music over the years. Through a serious dedication to his art with self-teaching, study and long hours of rehearsal, Adkins has become an accomplished guitarist. ~ Larry Belanger

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