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Jenny and Johnny

Jenny and Johnny

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Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice began working together in 2005, when Rice made a guest appearance on Lewis’ first solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat. Lewis returned the favor by singing on Rice’s own solo debut, Trouble Is Real, and the two continued their partnership after Rice joined Lewis’ touring band the following year. Following the Rabbit Fur Coat tour, Lewis and Rice began living together in Silverlake and working on new projects, including Rice’s sophomore effort Further North, Lewis’ Acid Tongue, and the Elvis Costello record Momofuku.
While touring in support of Acid Tongue, the two found themselves writing songs that were quicker and poppier than their previous material. Rather than release the new music on their respective solo albums, they formed Jenny and Johnny and traveled to Omaha, NE, where they spent the winter of 2009 recording a full album with Mike Mogis. The duo made their official debut one year later, when I’m Having Fun Now was released in August. ~ Andrew Leahey

    Los Angeles, CA

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