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Jeff Lorber

Jeff Lorber

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Known for his smooth style -- weaving together elements of funk, R&B, rock, and electric jazz -- Grammy Award-winning keyboardist, composer, and producer Jeff Lorber helped pioneer the post-fusion sound of contemporary jazz. During the late '70s, he emerged with a trilogy of outings for Inner City as the Jeff Lorber Fusion, and he quickly established himself at the forefront of the electric jazz movement with 1986's Private Passion. Following an extended period as a producer, he returned to regular recording in 1993 with the number one Worth Waiting For and the following year's number five West Side Stories. 2007's He Had a Hat for Blue Note went to number four. Lorber balances his time between solo albums and working with his fusion trio, whose charting releases include 2013's Hacienda, 2019's Eleven (featuring Mike Stern), and 2021's star-studded Space Time.

    Philadelphia, PA
  • BORN
    November 4, 1952

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