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Jazztronik is the stage name of Ryota Nozak, a Japanese DJ, musician, and producer whose music fuses jazz influences with deep house and dance grooves. Nozak began studying classical piano in high school, but as he became interested in contemporary music, he started investigating the sounds of Herbie Hancock and other veteran jazz keyboardists, and developed a passion for Latin jazz, Brazilian music, and traditional jazz forms. In 1999, Nozak released his first record as Jazztronik, Ms. Loneliness, and it was the first of dozens of EPs and singles from the prolific producer, while in 2001, Jazztronik's first full-length album was released, Inner Flight. Nozak's international success has made him one of the leading lights on the nu jazz and jazz house scenes. In addition to producing his own recordings, Jazztronik has remixed tracks for a variety of other artists, including P'Taah, Crystal Kay, Jafrosax. and Sunaga T Experience, and his live DJ sets attract large audiences at events in Japan and the U.K. ~ Mark Deming