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A popular singer, actress and comedienne, Jaye P. Morgan is an entertainer who became a household name in the 1950s and '60s. She appeared on several television programs, in films and sang and performed concerts, recitals and in nightclubs. Her husky voice became her trademark.
Born in Colorado, Jaye P. Morgan began her career at an early age constantly performing for family and friends. After a while she moved to California to graduate from high school and begin a singing career. In 1949 she graduated from Verdugo Hills High School. From there her professional singing career took off.
After graduating from high school, Jaye P. Morgan landed a spot as a vocalist with the Frank DeVol Orchestra. During the '50s, she made quite a name for herself as a vocalist. Performing concerts and recording songs was what she did in the '50s. Two of her songs, "The Longest Walk" and "That's All I Want From You" were both successful on the American record charts. Her notoriety did not stop with a few hits on the music charts. In the '50s, she also performed as a vocalist on television shows. Jaye P. Morgan made her television debut as a vocalist on Stop the Music, a quiz show which ran from 1954-55. After this show ended, Jaye P. Morgan decided to go it on her own. In 1956 she became the hostess and vocalist on her own show, The Jaye P. Morgan Show. She was also a regular on Robert Q. Lewis' daytime series and on the variety show Perry Presents. In 1960 she portrayed an old time singer on the popular daytime comedy My Three Sons.
During the '60s she led a rather obscure and private life performing infrequently on the nightclub scene. Jaye P. Morgan re-emerged in the '70s concentrating on an actress/entertainer career rather than a singing career. She portrayed herself on The Odd Couple in 1973 and was a plush horse singer in the television movie Adventures of Nick Carter. She is probably best-known for her antics, comedy routines and singing as a panelist on The Gong Show. The show lasted four years and also starred panelists Arte Johnson, Phyllis Diller, Jamie Farr and Rex Reed. the show was made into a movie in 1980 in which Jaye P. Morgan played herself. Her '70s television credits include being a regular on The Chuck Barris Rah Rah Show, The $1.98 Beauty Show and she made a guest appearance on The Muppet Show in 1977 where she used both her singing and acting talents.
Although not as prevalent a personality as she used to be, Jaye P. Morgan continued to be the singer, actress, comedienne and entertainer she was in the '50s. Her credits of the '90s included the films Night Patrol, Coming Attractions and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Her name, however, will most often be associated with her boisterous, fun-loving comedy of The Gong Show. ~ Kim Summers

    Mancos, CO
  • BORN
    December 3, 1931

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