Javier Rosas y Su Artillería Pesada
Javier Rosas y Su Artillería Pesada

Javier Rosas y Su Artillería Pesada

About Javier Rosas y Su Artillería Pesada

Javier Rosas y Su Artillería Pesada are one of the most roots-oriented bands on the alterna-corrido scene. The sextet delivers deft narcocorridos and outlaw songs in a pronounced Northern Sinaloan style.
Frontman Rosas is also the band's chief songwriter. He was born in Sinaloa in 1992, and has been singing all his life. The band came together in the Sonoran desert in Ciudad Obregon in 2010.
Their independently issued debut offering was En Vivo in 2011, followed by the studio recording Abriendo el Camino. Constantly touring throughout Northern Mexico and posting YouTube video singles such as "Me Dicen el Jabón," "Punto y Final," "Los Amigos del Amigo," "Antes Que el Tiempo Pase," "Por Clave Llevo el 13," "Soy el 4," and "En La Sierra y la Ciudad (La China)," they eventually gained radio and social media attention not only at home but in the southwestern United States. The band self-released a second studio date, Me Ha Tratada Bien la Vivo, which brought them to the notice of Universal's Fonovisia label, which signed them in 2013.
The group began recording almost immediately, issuing a slew of pre-release hit singles later that year and in early 2014, including "El Corrido de Napoleon" and "Y Vete Olvidando." These two landed high on airplay charts. Javier Rosas y Su Artillería Pesada's Fonovisia full-length debut, Llegué Para Quedarme, was issued in November to widespread critical and audience acclaim. It was followed by Otro Golpe in 2015, which placed in the Top 10 at Regional Mexican Albums and number 15 on the Top Latin Albums charts. Hard touring the following year gained them an even higher profile north of the border. In February of 2017, they released the issued the single "A Tu Amigo," which did exceptionally well on streaming and airplay charts (so much so that it pushed 2015's "El Proximo" single back onto the Latin Airplay list). Three more tracks were teased in April before the 14-track full-length Hecho en Mexico appeared at the end of the month on Fonovisia. Interestingly, for such a young band, this group that stays closely inside the norteño musical tradition while embracing modern topical fare and has attracted listeners from several generations. ~ Thom Jurek

    Ciudad Obregron, Mexico
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