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Jason Manns

Jason Manns

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A folk-pop singer/songwriter with a smooth and laid-back feel, Jason Manns landed in Los Angeles in 2002, establishing himself on the city's club circuit and landing a handful of high-profile radio appearances. A native of Bowling Green, Virginia, Manns released his eponymous first album in 2006, drawing comparisons to contemporary pop/rock singer/songwriters like Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. Thanks to his close friendship with actor Jensen Ackles, he became associated with the CW fantasy television series Supernatural, which has featured Manns' music and led to appearances at fan conventions for the show. Between his 2010 album Soul and 2016's Move, he also recorded a 2014 holiday album called Christmas with Friends. The collaborations with friends continued on 2016's Covers with Friends and 2018's Recovering with Friends, with featured Manns singing popular classic rock hits with friends from the acting and music communities like Ackles, Briana Buckmaster, Gil McKinney, and Rob Benedict. ~ Timothy Monger

    Bowling Green, VA
  • BORN
    September 23, 1980

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