About Jasiah

Screaming one minute, crooning softly the next, Ohio rapper, singer, and producer Jasiah blends trap with metal and alternative rock.

• His 2019 single “Crisis” is built around a sample from the soundtrack to the cartoon series Courage the Cowardly Dog.
• Jasiah is a talented opera singer. He shows off that skill on the “Voices” interlude from his 2019 album Jasiah I Am.
• Featured guests on Jasiah I Am include 6ix9ine, Yung Bans, and Travis Barker.
• Jasiah credits anime with expanding his musical palette, exposing him to Japanese rock and other influences that now turn up in his music.
• Wary of being boxed in, Jasiah claims, “I’m not a rapper. I’m not a pop artist. I’m an artist.”

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