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Janis Ian is a singer and songwriter whose career went through three distinct stages. She had an initial burst of fame as a teenager with a precocious gift for social and political commentary, documented on her self-titled 1967 album and its hit single "Society's Child." Ian returned in the mid-'70s with deeply personal songs about life and relationships, typified by the album Between the Lines (1975); a track from the LP, "At Seventeen," became her best-known song. In 1993, she re-emerged as an independent artist whose comeback album, Breaking Silence (1993), fused a mature viewpoint to an urgent and confident lyrical voice. The introspective and polemical sides of Ian's musical personality, as well as her love of folk, rock, and pop sounds, all found a place on 2022's The Light at the End of the Line, which she declared would be her final album.

    New York, NY
  • BORN
    April 7, 1951

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