James McMurtry

About James McMurtry

The son of one of America's most celebrated novelists, James McMurtry followed the family's tradition: he's a master storyteller who relates his tales in verse and music. Part of the Texas singer/songwriter community, McMurtry has a gift for character studies, documenting lives not in perfect balance as well as political commentary on how the choices of the powerful impact the lives of ordinary folks. His vocals are dour and plainspoken, but they give eloquent voice to the lives of his protagonists, and his artfully unadorned lyrics are often full of warmth and humanity, even in narratives full of chaos. McMurtry made a celebrated debut with 1989's Too Long in the Wasteland, he hit a creative stride with 2005's Childish Things and 2008's Just Us Kids, and on 2021's The Horses and the Hounds, the performances and production were every bit as compelling as McMurtry's songs.

    Fort Worth, TX
  • BORN
    March 18, 1962

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