About Jakob

Norwegian indie-pop singer-songwriter Jakob Ogawa’s falsetto delivery comes from his mom—she gave him a copy of Prince’s Purple Rain when he was three years old.

∙ His 2016 debut, “You’ll Be on My Mind”—a soft synth-pop track steeped in vintage soul and jazz—was released by the tastemaking singles label Diamond Club.
∙ After discovering they were both fans of each other’s music, Ogawa and lo-fi singer-songwriter Clairo recorded their 2017 duet, “You Might Be Sleeping.”
∙ Since the release of his debut EP, 2017’s Bedroom Tapes, Ogawa’s songs have been streamed more than 70 million times.
∙ In 2018, The Fader named Ogawa one of “15 Scandinavian artists to listen to.”
∙ The popular video for “April,” the title track from his 2019 EP, features the solitary adventures of a surfing, Bigfoot-like monster named Walter.

    Trondheim, Norway

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