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About Jada Kingdom

Jamaican pop vocalist Jada Kingdom started out modeling but soon found success releasing her own music. Shortly after a starring role in Sean Kingston's 2016 single "One Away," the still-teenaged singer began working on her own tracks and released a series of singles beginning with 2017's R&B-edged dancehall track "Love Situations."

Combining elements of dancehall with modernized R&B production and a versatile vocal style, Kingston-based singer Jada Kingdom transitioned from modeling and having a social media presence into a full-on pop star in 2017. Releasing mostly singles and occasionally guesting on other artists' tracks, she had viral hits with both "Love Situations" and follow-up single "Unwanted", both of which had videos that would be viewed with counts in the millions. Throughout 2018, the singer released new singles such as "Wull On," "Best You Ever Had (B.Y.E.H.)," and "Banana," and ended the year with a one-two punch of two new tracks released in the last days of December, "Medicine" and "One Time." Both of these songs included some trademarks of reggae and dancehall but overall had a smoother R&B sound.