About Jacula

One of several aggregations of musicians led by Antonio Bartoccetti and Doris Norton (aka Fiamma Dallo Spirito during the late 1960s/early 1970s, Jacula came together in 1969 around organist Charles Tiring and "medium" Franz Partheny.

Relocating from Milan to London, Jacula recorded their debut album that same year - In cauda semper stat venenum was released on the group's own Gnome label in a limited edition of just 300 copies, for distribution to friends and the occult community - the album's subject matter dwelt heavily in that region.
Jacula lay silent for much of the next two years, while Bartoccetti, Norton and Tiring occupied themselves with the bands Dietro Noi Deserto and Invisible Force.

In 1972, however, Jacula resurfaced with a new album Tardo Pede in Magiam Versus ("slow steps towards magic"), which included a reprise of the Invisible Force b-side, the apocalyptic "1999 Mundi Finis", now titled "UFDEM".
The departure of Tiring during 1972 spelled the end of Jacula; that same year, Bartoccetti and Norton launched a new project, Antonius Rex. ~ Dave Thompson