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About Jack & Jack

Jack & Jack are two longtime pals who were able to parlay their social media notoriety into a successful pop-rap group.

• The two Jacks became friends in kindergarten because they wore the same shirt. They remained buddies throughout school.
• In 2007, they created the YouTube channel MotherFalconQuagmire, which featured a lot of satire and parodies of popular songs.
• The friends started posting on Vine together in 2013 and amassed more than 25,000 followers after a clip of theirs went viral. They started making music that same year, recording songs like “Indoor Recess.”
• Their first official song, “Distance,” dropped in 2014. This led to collaborations with Shawn Mendes and Steve Aoki. The following year, they released their debut EP, Calibraska, which went Top 20 on the Billboard 200. The title is a portmanteau of Nebraska (where they’re from) and California (where they’d moved to).
• Jack & Jack signed with Island Records in 2017 and released their second EP, Gone. Their debut studio album, A Good Friend is Nice, arrived in 2019.
• The group announced a hiatus in 2020, and both members released solo singles.

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