Jack de Keyzer


About Jack de Keyzer

Jack DeKeyzer is a jack of many trades, skilled as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and even a producer. He has made a name for himself in the genres of rock and country, but his strongest ties are to blues. His professional musical career started in the '80s with a group called the Bopcats. After completing a couple of albums as a Bopcat, he moved on to the Rock Angels, and then finally went solo. Since breaking out on his own, DeKeyzer has won a number of awards, including Best Blues Album, Best Guitarist, Best Blues Recording, and many others. He has also been nominated for a Juno Award. DeKeyzer was born in England. He discovered his love for music early and found that playing the guitar came easy. Over his long years in the music world, he has worked with various bands, done session guitar work for numerous artists, and started his own record label, Blue Star. His debut solo album, Hard Working Man, was released in 1991 by Warner Music. It took four years for his sophomore recording, Wild at Heart, to appear. He finished out the '90s with one more full-length offering, Down in the Groove. Some of the tunes on DeKeyzer's blues recordings are "The Way that I Love You," "I Need a Break," "High on Your Love," "Touch of the Blues," and "When Love Walks Out." ~ Charlotte Dillon