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Jack Back has enabled EDM superstar David Guetta to revert to his roots in progressive house, fully explored with the full-length Jack Back Mixtape (2018). The alias dates back to 2012, the year it was attributed to "Wild One Two" — a collaboration with Nicky Romero and Sia — and also became the name of a Guetta-operated subsidiary of Spinnin' Records. Through 2017, the Jack Back label issued over a dozen singles, including several credited to Guetta by name, but the tag didn't reappear as a headlining artist name until September 2018, when Jack Back Mixtape became available for streaming and download. Presented as a DJ mix, the full-length was issued through Parlophone with singles such as "Pelican" and "Overtone" incorporated with previously unreleased material.

Paris, France
November 7, 1967