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Juana Burns (MC JB), Juanita Lee (Crazy J), Fatima Shaheed (OG Rocker), Anna Cash (Lady Anna), and Dania Birks (Baby-D) formed J.J. Fad -- the group's name an acronym made of the first letter from each member's first name -- in Rialto, California, just under 60 miles east of Los Angeles. In 1987, two years after the quintet came together, they debuted with an Arabian Prince-produced 12" single, "Anotha Ho"/"Supersonic," on the Dream Team label. Lee, Shaheed, and Cash subsequently left the group. Burns and Birks added Michelle Franklin (Sassy C), as well as DJ Train, made J.J. Fad stand for Just Jammin', Fresh and Def, and signed to Eazy-E and Jerry Heller's Ruthless label. A re-recorded "Supersonic," with production credited to Arabian Prince, Dr. Dre, and Yella, was released in 1998 and became an underground hit. After the group signed a major-label deal with Atco, the single went gold, as did their debut album of the same title. A follow-up, Not Just a Fad, was released in 1991, but it didn't register on any Billboard chart. The group split the following year. Nearly two decades later, they resumed activity as a performing act. ~ Andy Kellman

    Rialto, CA
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