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J-Diggs (Jamal Diggs) is a prolific Bay Area rapper and co-CEO of Thizz Entertainment, the influential label founded by the late Mac Dre that became instrumental in popularizing the style of hip-hop known as hyphy. As with many hyphy artists, Diggs' laid-back raps are typically focused on subjects such as fast cars/motorcycles, drugs, sex, and city life. Diggs has become at least as notorious for his numerous prison sentences and feuds with fellow rappers (including J-Kwon and Mac Shawn) as for his own music. Starting with 1999's Both Sides of the Gate, Diggs has released over a dozen solo and collaborative albums in addition to guesting on releases by his mentor Mac Dre as well as fellow Thizz artists including Little Bruce, Mac Mall, and Mistah F.A.B. He has also contributed to releases by collectives Crest Creepaz and Thizz Nation. In 2005, he released California Livin', Pt. 2, a sequel to Mac Dre's 1999 album. Four years later, Diggs released a trilogy of separate albums titled Da Good, Da Bad, and Da Ugly. All Gas!! and No Brakes!! were simultaneously released in 2014, a year that also saw the arrival of Montana Montana Montana's debut album, Really Not a Rapper, which was presented by Diggs. California Livin', Pt. 3: Chasin' My Dreams was issued in 2016. ~ Paul Simpson

Vallejo, CA

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