Ivor Lancellotti

About Ivor Lancellotti

Ivor Lancellotti appeared on the musical scene in 1972, when Marisa Gata Mansa interpreted his "Estrada" on TV Tupi's University Festival. Clara Nunes recorded "Às Vezes Faz Bem Chorar" and his biggest hit, "Sem Companhia," was also re-recorded by Nana Caymmi, Nelson Gonçalves, and Alcione. His "Vai Ser Tão Fácil" was recorded by Elizeth Cardoso and re-recorded by Beth Carvalho, who also recorded "Talismãs." Roberto Carlos recorded "Abandono," Nana Caymmi and Alcione "Velha Cicatriz," João Nogueira "De amor e coisas amigas," Cauby Peixoto "Como É que Pode?," Ângela Maria "Trocando Venenos," and Joanna "Amor Alheio." In spite of his talent and acknowledged by some of the best proponents of samba and MPB for three decades, Lancellotti recorded just three albums from 1986 to 2000, and still fights to be identified as the creator of so many hits. ~ Alvaro Neder

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