Israel Vibration

About Israel Vibration

Combining devotional rastafari lyrics, unique vocals, and a steady roots sound, Israel Vibration is one of the most prominent groups to come out of the late-1970s reggae boom. Despite all being stricken by polio in childhood, the group’s three main members--Cecil "Skeleton" Spence, Albert "Apple Gabriel" Craig, and Lascelle "Wiss" Bulgin--have had a decades-spanning career. After meeting as teens at Kingston's Mona Rehabilitation Clinic, the harmonic trio spent eight years attempting to land a record release, and in 1978 they hit a gold mine with their debut, THE SAME SONG. Produced by Tommy Cowan and featuring Jamaican superstars such as Sly & Robbie and Augustus Pablo, SAME SONG proved to be one of the most influential albums in the genre’s history. The group followed up their monumental debut in 1980 with UNCONQUERED PEOPLE. They continued to record for years afterward, though without Craig (who went on to a solo career).


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