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About Irepress

Formed in Boston, MA, Irepress join the post-rock, progressive hardcore, metal-gaze (take your pick) legions of the early 2000s, bringing an all-instrumental, rhythmically jazz-oriented nuance to the genre's open-ended, atmospherically complex template, as defined by the likes of Isis, Pelican and Mouth of the Architect. The band is comprised of Jon DiNapoli (guitar), Bret Silverberg (guitar), Sheel Dave (drums, percussion), Shan Dave (bass), and Jarrett Ring (keyboards), and followed a 2003 EP titled Trilogy with 2005's full-length Samus Octology. The latter was re-released two years later by Translation Loss Recordings, at a time when Irepress' lineup was in a state of flux, and their continued existence somewhat in doubt. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

Boston, MA, United States of America