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Combining the anarcho-punk of forebears like Warsaw and Crisis, Dada's absurdism, and post-punk atmosphere into their own volatile concoction, Texas' Institute formed in 2013. Moses Brown of the Austin hardcore band Glue began writing and recording songs on his own, and was soon joined by Wiccans bassist Adam Cahoon, fellow Glue member Arak Avakian on guitar, and Albert, the drummer from Recide. In October 2013, the band recorded a demo that was ultimately reissued as a self-titled EP on Deranged; a 7" on Katorga Works followed that June. Institute made their debut on Sacred Bones in October 2014 with the Salt EP, which found them taking a slightly more focused yet wide-ranging approach. Drummer Barry Elkanick of Houston's Back to Back joined the fold for Institute's first full-length, 2015's Catharsis, which was engineered by Ben Greenberg of Uniform and the Men. The band reunited with Greenberg on 2017's Subordination, which added elements of glam and hard rock -- as well as a more overtly political outlook -- to their propulsive sound. ~ Heather Phares