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Named after a fictional god from J.R. Tolkein's mythical epic The Silmarillion, Iluvatar has become an international progressive rock sensation. Formed in Baltimore in 1992 by vocalist Glenn McLaughlin, drummer Gary Chambers, bassist Dean Morekas, guitarist Dennis Mullin, and keyboardist Jim Rezek, the band follows in the footsteps of '70s prog heroes such as Genesis, Marillion, Styx, and Pink Floyd. The quintet pushed the boundaries of standard rock forms with technical wizardry and the incorporation of jazz and classical elements and is still known best for mixed-meter songwriting and heartfelt lyrical delivery. Their first release was issued in 1993 on Kinesis Records, and they soon became the label's best-selling release. Their local and international fame grew after they Kinesis released their second record, Children in 1995. With Children Iluvatar established themselves on the vanguard of the '90s prog scene, combining jaw-dropping musical forms and abrupt metric changes with triumphant hook-orientated melodies. After the records release the band went though a handful of drummers, including Rick Fleischmann and Allen Brunelle, who both can be heard on the band's 1997 release, Sideshow. Brunelle toured with the band internationally in support of Sideshow, but it was eventually Chris Mack who was enlisted in December 1997. Their latest studio effort, A Story Two Days Wide, was released by Kinesis in 1999. ~ Nate Cavalieri

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