Igor Spectre - Top Songs

Calling All the Children of the (Night)
Ziggy Stardust Redux
Cheerleader Suicide
Fangs out First
Ophelia Jones
Tramps in Stereo
William Wilson
Head over Heels for Hollywood
We Will All Fall Down
Parish Lights
Dark Doll
Preying Mantis
Love Is Fate
No Reply
The Girl with the Wandering Eye
Me Llamo Carlos (Yo Tengo Chainsaw)
The Girl Creeps Me Out
Broken Things
Hope Chest
Hell of It (Redux)
Unhappy Song
Two Requiems for Ruby Rose
Death of Me
The Belfry Kids
Saturday Night
Sundown Trial
Pharaoh's Got the Bomb
Who's in My Mouth
Delilah (Redux)
Hymn for the Comet
Dandy Boy
Beautiful Dead Little Girl
Should the Day Break
Elizabeth Hoover's Dead
Release the Hounds
Sundown Trial (Reprise)
Breakin' Up
Metro Redux
Sick's the New Sane
Rubber Bat Necklace
Gorgeous Monster
Belladonna Hemlock
Bruise Knife