About Doro

German heavy metal/hard rock vocalist Doro is best known for her years with the power metal band Warlock, but she has had a long solo career and continues to command a loyal following (especially in Europe) long after the group's demise. After releasing four albums with Warlock in the 1980s, Doro set out on her own, touring and recording under her first name. She released Force Majeure in 1989, dialing back the gothic fantasy metal of Warlock and adopting a more pop-metal/hard rock sound, which she would continue to hone well into the next century. Shifting musical tastes in the early '90s resulted in her finding most of her success in the European market, where metal still reigned supreme, but as the 2000s progressed, Doro once again found favor abroad with standouts like 2006's Warrior Soul, 2012's Raise Your Fist, and 2018's Forever Warriors, Forever United.

    Düsseldorf, Germany
  • BORN
    June 3, 1964

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