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About Ibon Errazkin

Guitarist, songwriter, and composer Ibon Errazkin has been a creative force in the Spanish independent music scene since the early '90s when he led the eclectic and much-loved indie pop group Le Mans. Over the course of their four LPs, the band's tasteful explorations of jazz, bossa nova, and pop garnered critical acclaim in Europe and beyond. During that same period, Errazkin's work as a bandleader and collaborator extended to other projects like Daily Planet and Instrümental, two instrumental bands which explored various facets of pop and dance music. In 2000, he delivered his eponymous solo debut via Elefant Records. An unusual mix of cocktail influences, pop, reggae, and Latin, it was followed in 2003 by his sophomore release, the equally eccentric Escuela de Arte. In between these two albums, he worked with director Jorge Iglesias, composing the score for the 2001 film Gente Pez. Over the next several years, Errazkin became involved in numerous creative endeavors, composing music for commercials, collaborating with Japanese DJ Kurando, and forming a new project with singer Teresa Iturrioz called Single. Beginning with 2006's Pio Pio, Single released three more albums of wildly inventive pop, all for the Elefant label. In late 2017, Errazkin returned to solo work, releasing "Foto Aérea," the lead single from his third album of the same name. Released in early 2018, Foto Aérea was an exploration of layered composition without strict rhythmic meter, and covered new ground for Errazkin while remaining true to his unique approach. ~ Timothy Monger

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