About IAMX

Sneaker Pimps founding member Chris Corner began performing as the drippingly seductive electro-pop persona IAMX in 2003. Adopting the trappings of mid-'80s electro-pop and new wave acts like New Order, the Cure, and Depeche Mode with his pounding, reverb-swathed, synth-washed compositions, Corner's work as IAMX represented a notable departure from his work with the Sneaker Pimps. His works featured a dark, vampirish sensibility and dealt with topics like alternative sexuality and drug use. His first full-length as IAMX, Kiss & Swallow, was released on Recall in 2004; the sophomore IAMX album, The Alternative, followed on Major two years later. Subsequent releases and remix albums updated his sound with darker rock edges, electronic dub beats, and more decadent theatrics. His sixth album, Metanoia, was released in late 2015. ~ TiVo Staff

    London, England

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