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Iamamiwhoami emerged in 2009, piquing interest with a series of viral videos that introduced the artist's music while obscuring the female singer's identity. In June 2010, iamamiwhoami released a video that revealed the project was the brainchild of Swedish singer/songwriter Jonna Lee and co-producer Claes Björklund. The following year, iamamiwhoami won the first Swedish Grammi for Innovator of the Year and was also nominated for MTV O Music Awards in the Innovative Artist and Best Web-Born Artist categories. Iamamiwhoami released two songs, "john" and "clump," that spring and summer. Early in 2012, iamamiwhoami's YouTube channel teased the digital release of the debut album kin that June; several singles were released in anticipation of the album. Kin's physical release arrived that September. ~ Heather Phares

    Stockholm, Sweden

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