About iamamiwhoami

Arriving as an anonymous viral success, the darkly ethereal multimedia project iamamiwhoami is the duo of singer/songwriter Jonna Lee and producer Claes Björklund. In the early 2010s, the project's cryptic visuals and dreamy, fragmented songs piqued the interest of the Internet, gaining a strong online following thanks to the mystery surrounding iamamiwhoami's identity as well as the music's strengths. When Lee and Björklund revealed themselves as the artists behind the project, they proved their approach wasn't just a gimmick. Along with winning awards for their innovative strategy, their 2012 debut album Kin fleshed out the haunting electro pop that attracted listeners in the first place. On 2014's Blue, the duo's sound grew warmer and more intimate, a trend that continued on 2022's Be Here Soon, which reflected the influence of parenthood on Lee and Björklund's creative process.

    Stockholm, Sweden

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