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With a lurching sound that's almost as tumultuous as their seemingly ever-changing lineup, Seattle, Washington's I Declare War are a deathcore band that formed in 2005. With an original lineup consisting of singer Jonathan Huber, guitarists Evan Hughes and Jake Paulson, bassist Zack Ring, and drummer Randy Carpenter, the band made its debut with the self-released What You Deserve in 2006. A second album, Amidst the Bloodshed, arrived in 2007 before the band went through its first major lineup shift in 2009, with Chris Fugate stepping in to replace Paulson, Ryan Cox coming in for Carpenter, and Brent Eaton taking over for Ring. That same year, I Declare War signed on with then fledgling label Artery Recordings, where they released their third album, Malevolence, in 2010. That same year, vocalist Jonathan Huber parted ways with the band, with singer Jamie Hanks stepping in to deliver the death growls for the band's fourth album, the eponymous I Declare War. The following year, the band went through a serious overhaul, with every member but Hanks, who suddenly found himself the senior member of I Declare War, leaving the group. To fill out the lineup, guitarists Jacob Hansen and John Winters were recruited, as well as bassist Gordon McPherson and drummer Colin Bradford, and with an almost completely new group in place, the band released its fifth album, We Are Violent People by Nature, in 2014. The same lineup self-released I Declare War's sixth album, Songs for the Sick, in late 2016. ~ Gregory Heaney

Seattle, WA

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