About Hypocrisy

Peter Tägtgren formed Swedish death metal band Hypocrisy in 1990 upon his return to Sweden from Florida, where he had been inspired by that state's flourishing death metal scene. After recording a demo and securing a record deal, Tägtgren recruited Masse Broberg (vocals), Jonas Österberg (guitar), Mikael Hedlund (bass), and Lars Szöke (drums), while he himself settled on guitar. After lineup changes and two albums, Hypocrisy became a power trio with Tägtgren handling vocals, and released The Fourth Dimension (1994), Abducted (1996), and The Final Chapter (1997), after which the group disbanded. However, fan interest persuaded Tägtgren to reconsider the breakup, and a live album, Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken 1998, was released in early 1999, followed by Hypocrisy shortly thereafter and Into the Abyss in mid-2000. ~ Steve Huey

Ludvika, Sweden

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