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Fueled by a love of disco and '80s pop, Hypnolove is begging for people to start dancing. On "Mademoiselle," the first single from their debut 2006 album, Eurolove, they ask "voulez-vous dancer" (do you want to dance) while the kitschy video for the song features stop animation figures in an homage to an '80s dancefloor. The trio hails from Toulouse, a city in the south of France better known for its aerospace industry than its music scene. It was there studying sound engineering that Henning Specht met Thierry and Nicolas and the three joined together to form Hypnolove. In 1998 Hypnolove released their first EP on Confusion Records. While the record label didn't survive long, the group managed to keep making music. After being featured on several compilation albums and being picked up by DJs around the world, Hypnolove signed to Record Makers where they released their debut album, Eurolove, in 2006. ~ Celeste Rhoads