About Husky

Cousins Husky Gawenda (vocals, guitars) and Gideon Preiss (keyboards, vocals) formed Husky with Evan Tweedie (bass, vocals) and Luke Vollins (drums). Husky drew on literate classic rock staples when developing its sound, melding artful songwriting inspired by Leonard Cohen and the Doors, coupled with Gawenda's poetic lyrics. After recording basic tracks, they handed their raw material to Noah Georgeson (the Strokes, Joanna Newsom) to handle the final mixing process. The end result was the hauntingly folky Forever So, released in 2011. Later in the year, the group won the Pushover talent competition hosted by Australian's Triple J. After support slots for Gotye and Devendra Banhart, Husky became Sub Pop's first Australian band. ~ Fred Thomas

Melbourne, Australia

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