About HoneyWorks

HoneyWorks formed when Japanese songwriters Gom and Shito approached illustrator Yamako to put visuals to music they had created.

∙ Gom and Shito first crafted their songs using vocal-processing software that allows users to simulate singing by inputting melody and lyrics.
∙ The collective is also known as Haniwa, a name referring to a specific type of ancient Japanese ceremonial clay figurine.
∙ Ongoing HoneyWorks project Confession Executive Committee has inspired a string of light novels, two animated films, and an anime TV series.
∙ Since 2014, HoneyWorks has collaborated with vocalist CHICO, and their first single, “Sekaiwa Koi Ni Ochiteiru,” was the opening theme for anime series Ao Haru Ride.
∙ HoneyWorks has collaborated with numerous vocalists—both real and synthesized—including Sana, Gero, Momo Asakura, and pop-idol group Sphere.