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From the ashes of Dillon Fence comes Hobex. Founded by singer, guitarist, and songwriter Greg Humphreys, along with Steve Hill (drums) and Andy Ware (bass), Hobex makes oh-so-sweet soul music with a healthy dose of screaming guitars. Led by the excellent writing of Humphreys with a foundation built on top-notch musicianship, Hobex is an unusual band in this day and age. There is nothing sick, dark, deplorable, or even eccentric about them. They just make great music. Music you can dance to (not to be confused with dance music.) Their first EP, Payback, sold several thousand copies in their native Southeast, and attracted a lot of attention to the band. The arrangements involve a straightforward rhythm section with layers of guitars. On their first full-length, Back in the 90's, Humphreys ups the ante with lush production and arrangements. There is still plenty of fine guitar work, and the cooing vocals are out front where they belong. Once again, the band moved quite a number of CDs out of their cash-stuffed brief case, finally attracting the attention of London Records, which promptly signed them and re-released Back in the 90's in the fall of 1999. Their sophomore effort, Wisteria, was issued in fall 2000. Cecil Johnson and John Kennedy of ex-Squirrel Nut Zipper's Katharine Whalen's Jazz Squad Horns joined Hobex for the 2002 release of U Ready Man? ~ Geoff Ginsberg


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