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The mission of Hillsong Young & Free is all in the name: contemporary praise & worship and Christian pop bursting with youthful exuberance. Whereas their predecessors, Hillsong Worship and Hillsong UNITED, remain largely grounded in rock-based songwriting, Hillsong Young & Free plug into the wonderfully inclusive, post-genre zeitgeist that fuels global pop culture in the 21st century. Growing out of the Australian church’s youth ministry in Sydney, the group kicked off their career with the 2013 single “Alive,” a high-octane burst of funk-inspired EDM that laid out the band’s bold trajectory. Since then, Hillsong Young & Free have only grown more audacious. The 2016 hit “Real Love” is a feast of ’80s synth-pop hooks, throbbing basslines, and deliciously nasty breakdowns, while 2019’s “Every Little Thing,” featuring a cameo from rapper Andy Mineo, shimmers with electro-pop synthesizers. Needless to say, this music is celebratory to the max. Their live events are packed with Christian youth bouncing up and down like rubber balls as they joyously shout along to lyrics charged with emotion, whether they’re amplifying a deeply personal love of God, expressing a yearning for spiritual truth, or, as is the case with the indie-pop anthem “Best Friends,” both. Theirs is a radical vision: Just as the church’s other bands have proved pivotal in blurring the lines between church service and rock concert, Hillsong Young & Free are showing the faithful that the sweaty, ecstatic rush of the dance club can indeed serve holy ends.

Sydney, Australia

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