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Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

About Hilary Duff

Pop singer Hilary Duff was already well established as an actress before she expanded into music with a string of Top 5 albums in the 2000s.

• Duff grew up in Houston and San Antonio before moving to L.A. with her mother and sister in the early ’90s to pursue a career in showbiz.
• She made her music debut in 2002 with the single “I Can’t Wait,” which appeared on the soundtrack to the TV comedy series Lizzy McGuire, starring Duff.
• Her first album was the 2002 holiday release Santa Claus Lane, which is the only one of Duff’s LPs not to reach the Top 5 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.
• The singer’s biggest musical success came on her 2003 album Metamorphosis, which hit No. 1 on its way to going triple-platinum with sales of more than 3 million copies.
• After landing at No. 2 with her self-titled 2004 album, and No. 3 on 2007’s Dignity, Duff took a break from music and turned her focus back to acting and other pursuits.
• Duff returned in 2015 with Breath In. Breath Out., which reached No. 5 on the albums chart.

    Houston, TX
  • BORN
    September 28, 1987

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