Hervé Niquet

About Hervé Niquet

Hervé Niquet is a rare musician: while some composer/performers are also conductors, few have also managed a successful career as a singer, as has Niquet. Moreover, he has not only conducted instrumental ensembles but choral groups as well. As a composer he has received prestigious commissions, including one from Princess Caroline of Monaco. As a conductor, Niquet is generally associated with French Baroque music -- the works of Charpentier and Rameau -- but it would be unfair to typecast him as a specialist in that vein. He has not only performed and recorded much Handel and Purcell but has developed a repertory reaching into the 19th and 20th centuries, taking in works by Chabrier, Poulenc, and many others. Niquet is the founder and director of Le Concert Spirituel, which he led on a recording of Mozart's La Flûte Enchantée in 2021.

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