Heribert Beissel
Heribert Beissel

Heribert Beissel

About Heribert Beissel

Heribert Beissel is a globally recognized German conductor known for his original renditions of 19th-century classical compositions.

∙ Since launching his conducting career in 1968, Beissel has been awarded the Brahms Medal, the German Cross of Merit, and the Order of Saxony-Anhalt in honor of his work.
∙ Holding the longest term in the orchestra’s history, he was named the Chief Conductor of the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra from 1972 to 1986.
∙ In 1986, he founded the Bonn Classical Philharmonic and has since performed at the 12 largest German concert halls as the group’s conductor.
∙ Marking his first entry onto a Billboard chart, the Bonn Classical Philharmonic’s Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Suite reached No. 27 on the Top Holiday Albums list in 2012.

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