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Los Angeles indie-pop singer Henry Hall wants to make you a little uncomfortable. He likes it—it gets him going. But there’s a point to it, too. After all, discomfort—social gaffes, general awkwardness—can be funny, but it also tends to point toward truths we’d rather ignore. Like Harry Nilsson and Father John Misty before him, Hall is an ironist and a genuine comedian, the kind of artist who has a classic sound with a mischievous slant. It’s a little like the Greek soldiers smuggled into Troy in the Trojan Horse: The voice is so pretty, you might gloss over what he’s saying. Then he gives you the pinch—isn’t it ironic? Born in 1992, Hall took to music as a kid, playing in bands throughout high school and college at Wesleyan University in Connecticut before following his own visions. It started with two EPs—2016’s My Friends Don’t Like Me and 2019’s Questions, Comments, Concerns—that garnered syncs on Netflix and HBO, and was followed by a debut album, Neato, in 2020. The jokes abound (“Guy” mansplains, in an ever-ascending falsetto, why he very deeply deserves an apology from a woman), in humiliating detail. But Hall can also be strangely tender, leveling truths about his own life and anxiety with a light, self-deprecating touch. You laugh at him because it’s true. But you respect him for the same reason.

Los Angeles, CA, United States

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