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Helmut Lotti is a unique figure on the vocal scene, an artist whose broad tastes and unconventional background help explain his wide crossover appeal: Lotti has been most influenced by the singing and style of seemingly incompatible icons in the vocal world: Elvis Presley and Mario Lanza! A one-time Elvis impersonator, Lotti has sold nearly 15 million albums worldwide in broad-ranging repertory, inclusive of genres from pop to classical, folk to Latino, and African to Russian. Moreover, he sings proficiently in over a dozen languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Flemish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Latin, Afrikaans, and several other African languages (Swahili, Zulu, and Xhosa). Yet Lotti does not read music! With the aid of music assistants (André Walschaerts and orchestrator Wim Bohets), he typically develops his arrangements for orchestra, supplying the words to many of the songs himself. Lotti has appeared regularly on television across the globe, including on PBS. Since 1990 Lotti has made about one recording per year, spread over several labels, including EMI, DPTV Media, Xxl, RCA, and others.
Helmut Lotti (originally Lotigiers) was born on October 22, 1969, in St. Amandsberg (near Ghent), Belgium. From his childhood he was largely self-taught. In his early years he sang regularly in church and at school functions, eventually developing a style fashioned after his idol Elvis. At 19, he finished second in an Elvis impersonator contest, a result that helped him launch his career.
Lotti's first recording, Vlaamse Nachten (Flemish Nights), was issued in 1990. Several others soon followed, but it was with his 1995 album Helmut Lotti Goes Classic that his international career skyrocketed. Two more entries in the "Classic" recordings series followed over the next two years, and both were also best-sellers.
In 1997 Lotti signed a three-year contract with PBS and thereafter became a popular performer with U.S. audiences. Two years later Lotti turned to African songs with his EMI CD Out of Africa, achieving another best-seller. That same year he enjoyed a hugely successful U.S. tour with appearances in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Washington, D.C., and smaller American cities. Lotti continued his expansion in repertory with Latino Classics in 2000 (on Coeur De Lion) and From Russia with Love in 2004 (Dptv). He continued exploring new avenues, generally with excellent results. Lotti's recordings include the 2007 two-CD set Crooners on Dptv Media.

    St. Amandsberg, Belgium
  • BORN
    October 22, 1969

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