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About Helena Deland

Helena Deland emerged from Montreal, Canada in 2016 with an artful, low-key indie rock based as much on texture and timbre as on melody and familiar song structures. Featuring her notably gentle vocal delivery, Deland's debut EP, Drawing Room, mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation. Her 2018 EPs put more focus on electronics while retaining her varied but consistently melancholy sound.

Deland's first collection of songs, the Drawing Room EP, was made in collaboration with Jesse Mac Cormack, who recorded and mixed the album in addition to formulating the arrangements. Ranging from airy synths and acoustic guitar to noir-styled electric guitar, harmonica, and drum kit, the set was unified by a hazy, understated quality and introspective lyrics. With a full band including Cormack on guitar, synthesizer, and bass, Deland's EP From the Series of Songs "Altogether Unaccompanied," Vols. 1-2 arrived on Luminelle Recordings in March of 2018. Vols. 3-4 followed that October.

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