About Heino

German folksinger Heino, born Heinz Georg Kramm, studied the accordion in his youth while apprenticing to become a baker, practicing his skills in Dusseldorf's finer restaurants. He made his first professional appearance in 1955 and ditched baking to become a full-time professional singer in 1960. In the mid-'60s, Heino signed a recording deal, and sales of his first single topped 100,000 copies. His next effort, titled "Wenn die Bunten Fahnen Weh'n," went gold. Since then, Heino has achieved the status of "uberstar" in Germany, with record sales surpassing the Beatles. With decades of entertaining to his credit, Heino continues to perform in concert and on tour. His wife, Hannelore, Princess of Auersperg, collaborated with him on Die Liebe Ist das Gold des Lebens in 1984. ~ Linda Seida

    Düsseldorf, Germany
  • BORN
    December 13, 1938

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